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Boningi Anandayya (Anandaiah): Wiki, Profile and Corona Medicine Ingredients


Personal Information

Name: Bonige Anandayya Garike Yadav Ji, also Anandaiah Bonigi

Age: 53 Years

Date of Birth:

Birthplace: Krishnapatanam


Educational Qualification

Degree in Ayurveda medicine and treatment



Anandayya belongs to a family which is known for watershed researches in herbal and ayurvedic medicines. His father had devised unique way of treating patients through herbal and natural therapy. He has also started to go beyond and has devised his own protocol.

The Covid – 19 ayurvedic treatment of Anandayya has attracted attention. He had claimed to cure patients within one week, without any problem of SPO2 level going down. However, he has also been ridiculed for these claims.







Bio and Wiki

Anandayya Yadav Ji is one of the most reputed ayurvdic doctors of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. His family is known for their unique methods of treating several chronic diseases.

His corona medicine is an eye drop, which has naturally raised eyebrows among scientific communities. 


News and Controversies

  • Anandayya has claimed to find a herbal cure for Covid – 19. He is distributing free ayurvedic medicines for the same in Andhra Pradesh. He is also not using any masks and has not taken vaccine for Covid – 19. He is damn sure about the efficacies of his medicines.
  • He has already released ingredients of his Corona Medicine and now anyone can make it at home. ICMR has also said that they will test this medicine. 


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