Alka Lamba: Profile, Husband and Family

Alka Lamba continues to mesmerize both of supporters and political opponents with her sizzling beauty. She is a well-known politician of Delhi. She started her career as a student leader from NSUI winning the post of the President of Delhi University. Later, she rose into the Congress party. It is widely believed that there is now  nothing left for Congress in Delhi. Its space is taken by Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal. Alka Lamba also got a hint of this after December, 2013 Delhi Election and decided to switch side. She was not so faithful to the party which had given her name and fame to remain with it when the ship was sinking.

She got backing of Ashish Khetan and got Assembly ticket from Chandni Chowk. Riding on the immense popularity of Arvind Kejriwal, she scored a comprehensive victory from this prestigious Assembly. She was later made a Parliamentary Secretary - a controversial move of Kejriwal Government as it comes under the ambit of the 'Office of Profit'.

Even some of ardent supporters of Alka Lamba are asking a simple question – if she left Congress for wider public service, why she didn't do this when the party was in power?

By the way, she is also a nut case which has come in public glare lots of time. See the following picture to understand her shrewdness. 

Alka Lamba watering a plant when it is raining outside

Husband of Alka Lamba

Alka Lamba may have a successful public life. However, she is quite unlucky when it comes to personal life. She is single for so many years. 

While being with NSUI, Alka came into contact with Lokesh Kapoor. Lokesh is a rich but kind hearted person. They started to date and soon decided to get married. This was a love-cum-arrange marriage. Parents of the couple were quite happy.

The couple soon got a son. It started to look like a complete family. However, when Alka was not able to give sufficient time to the new born baby, Lokesh questioned this. He was not against Alka’s public life, but was unhappy to see her away from the new born baby. At that time, Alka also got the ticket from Moti Bagh constituency. This was 2003 election when there was a wave for the Congress party. Alka used the flat of Lokesh parents for this election purpose. But, Lokesh wasn’t happy.

According to a complaint filed by Lokesh, Alka started to harass him and his parents. Lokesh had to take the tough decision to ask for divorce. Alka instantly got ready for this divorce. Lokesh then filed a petition for the custody of his son.

Currently, Alka Lamba is single and devoting all her time for her political ambition.

Gauhati Rape Issue

Alka Lamba was appointed as a member of the team of the National Commission for Women which visited Gauhati to investigate the rape and eve teasing issue. She went there, and decided to name the victim publicly.

That was a shrewd attempt to sick public attention. She was perfectly aware of the law. It was just an attempt to bring back her name on the headlines. Fortunately, it backfired.

Is Alka Lamba Hot?

This is quite a sexist question, I know. But, I am asking it in reference to a photograph which is being provided here. You can see Alka Lamba going towards dais while other AAP leaders are literally molesting her with their eyes. Please have a look on the expression of Bhagwant Mann and Saurabh Bhardwaj.

Lamba and O. P. Sharma

The BJP MLA O. P. Sharma is replete with uncouth behavior, similar to Arvind Kejriwal. He never hesitates in naming and shaming anyone, even a woman. Political fight can happen, but it is not good for society at large when a male politician doesn't show a modicum of respect to a woman politician. O. P. Sharma is continuously doing the same and has become a liability for both leaders and supporters of state BJP. 

Alka had actually attacked Sharma's brother shop near Kashmiri Gate. The CCTV recording had clearly shown her creating ruckus at the shop. She being an AAP leader created lots of drama. It was all her fault, but O. P. Sharma should have given her respect as a human being. She doesn't deserve respect as a politician, wife and mother, though.


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  2. The picture of lady giving water in rain is not Alma Lamba , if u hv any moral then pls remove that pic.

    1. Atul .. She was Alka Lamba ;) .. For More Information Search on Facebook as well. You will get more clear photos ;) .. have fun1


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