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Boningi Anandayya (Anandaiah): Wiki, Profile and Corona Medicine Ingredients

  Personal Information Name: Bonige Anandayya Garike Yadav Ji, also Anandaiah Bonigi Age: 53 Years Date of Birth: Birthplace: Krishnapatanam   Educational Qualification Degree in Ayurveda medicine and treatment   Career Anandayya belongs to a family which is known for watershed researches in herbal and ayurvedic medicines. His father had devised unique way of treating patients through herbal and natural therapy. He has also started to go beyond and has devised his own protocol. The Covid – 19 ayurvedic treatment of Anandayya has attracted attention. He had claimed to cure patients within one week, without any problem of SPO2 level going down. However, he has also been ridiculed for these claims. Family Father: Mother: Wife: Children:   Bio and Wiki Anandayya Yadav Ji is one of the most reputed ayurvdic doctors of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. His family is known for their unique methods of treating several chronic diseases. His corona medicine is
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Dinesh Mansera, Journalist: Profile, Wiki and Family

Dinesh Mansera is an Indian journalist and left liberal ideologue. He is currently working with NDTV where he covers political and social development news of Uttarakhand. He was appointed as the media advisor of Uttarakhand CM. However, soon his abusive and vulgar statements started to get surfaced and T. S. Rawat was forced to ask him to stay away. The appointment of Dinesh as the Media Advisor to the CM had raised many eyebrows. BJP supporters on social media were feeling cheated by this step of Teertha Singh Rawat. It may be noted that Dinesh has many times used derogatory words against the Prime Minister of India. He has literally abused the PM. He has ridiculed Hindu festivals in past. He has never shown any attempt to conceal his hate for Hinduism and BJP. Still, he was given a plum post by the BJP government. Following is the brief wiki and biography of Dinesh: Real Name: Dinesh Mansena ………………………………… Nick Name: Dinu ………………………………… Date of Birth:  1972 ………………………………… Age:   49 Year

Veena George, Kerala Health Minister: Profile, Husband, Age and Family

  Personal Information Name: Veena Joseph George Age: 45 years Date of Birth: 03 – 08 - 1976 Birthplace: Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala Educational Qualification PG with Physics from the University of Kerala Career Veena had started her career as a journalist and news anchor with Kairali TV. In fact, at one time, she had become the most popular Malayalam News anchor of Kerala. At the culmination point of her journalistic career, she had joined CPM to enter the world of politics. She had previously been associated with SFI. Veena has recently been inducted into the Kerala government cabinet led by Viajayan. She has been made the new health minister of Kerala. She has to take the burden of doing justice to the trust shown on him. She has replaced K. K. Shailja, who is credited to have controlled Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala. However, Shailja had not shown similar level of success with Covid – 19 outbreak in the state.   Family Father: P. E. Kuriakose Mother: Rosamma K

Mohammed Riyas, Kerala Minister: Profile, Wiki, Wife, Age and Family

  P. A. Mohammed Riyas, CPI (M) Personal Information Name: P. A. Mohammed Riyas Age: 45 years Date of Birth: Birthplace: Calicut, Kerala Educational Qualification St. Joseph Boys’ Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode Graduate from Farook College, Kozhikode Law Degree from Government College, Kozhikode Career Mohammad Riyas had started journey into the world of politics with student union of his College.  He is the President of DYFI. He has recently been inducted in the newly formed Kerala government under CM Vijayan. People are calling it a classic case of nepotism. In 2009, Riyas had fought Lok Sabha election from Kozhikode. Unfortunate, he had lost the election by a margin of only 838 votes. The winner was Congress’ Raghavan. He had won from Beypore Assembly Constituency in 2021 Kerala Assembly Election by a margin of more than 28k votes. Family Father: P. A. Abdul Khader Mother: Wife: T. Veena Vijayan Girlfriend: Children: Bio and Wiki PA Mohama

Shereen Bhan: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Age, Caste and Family

Shereen Bhan Image Source Personal Information Name: Shereen Bhan Age: 45 years Date of Birth: 20 th August, 1976 Birthplace: Kashmir Educational Qualification Matriculation (10 th Board) from KV, Jammu 12 th Board from Air Force Bal Bharati School, New Delhi Graduation from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University Degree in Communication Studies, University of Pune Career Shereen is the Managing Editor of CNBC – TV18, India’s premier business and economy news channel. She is one of the most respected faces in the world of electronic news in India for economy, corporate and policy. Shereen had started her career as a researcher with Karan Thapar. She had then worked with Star TV and SAB TV (not for entertainment programs). She is also popular for hosting Young Turk, India’s most successful programs for entrepreneurs. Family Father: Mother: Husband: Boyfriend: Children: Bio and Wiki Shereen Bhan is a live example of the old wisdom – beauty with a brain. She is endowed with amazing be

Kavya Maran: Profile, Boyfriend, Age, Height and Net Asset

Kavya Maran is the daughter of media mogul Kalanidhi Maran. She is the only child of Kalanidhi and hence is considered the heiress of the Sun Group. She has started to take rein of the group by taking over managerial functions at Sun Music, Sun TV and FM business. Kavya is also the CEO of Sunrisers Hyderabad, an IPL Team. Kavya Maran It was Kavya who had goaded her father to buy Hyderabad IPL team. Once bought, she is directly overseeing the team which has become quite successful under the new owner. Kavya is a quick learner. She understands the digital revolution and its impact on music and entertainment category. She is realigning the core business model to suit the emerging needs of the society. Further, she wants to be just like her father – with no direct interest in politics. Following is the brief wiki and biography of Kavya Maran: Real Name:  Kavya Maran ………………………………… Nick Name:  Kavya ………………………………… Date of Birth:  1992 ………………………………… Age: 

Yati Narasighanand Saraswati: Profile, Wiki, Caste and Family

Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati is a hard core Hindu fundamentalist. His pursuit to radicalized Hindu youths has taken him away from the core of Hinduism. It is not possible to keep off eyes away from the way he is spewing venom against Muslims. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being a hard core Hindu. However, one should differentiate between a hard core Hindu and a radicalized Hindu who is threatening civil war against Muslims. Narsinghanand Saraswati belongs to the later category. The brutal murder of Kamlesh Tiwari is tragic. But, in the name of murder, some people had started to abuse, threaten and mock the Prophet. Criticize, if you want. Be logical. Don’t mock your own countrymen. Understand the core of Hinduism – Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam . His comments against the Prophet has irked Muslims around India. An AAP MLA has threatened to cut his tongue and neck. While many possessions have been taken out in India by Muslims calling for his murder. That is shocking display of a