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Sandeep Singh, Congress: Profile, Wiki and Family

Sandeep Singh is the political advisor and speech writer of Rahul Gandhi. He is also a trusted ally of Priyanka Gandhi. He is credited with making eye catching slogans and below the belt attack on Narendra Modi by Rahul Gandhi in the last General Election. It was Sandeep who had coined the term ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’. He has recently been appointed the personal secretary of Priyanka Gandhi.

There is not an iota of doubt that all slogans and craft of demagogy of Sandeep Singh has backfired. It was low level attack on Narendra Modi who has hurt Congress the most. Yet, it is quite surprising that Sandeep Singh remained the trusted lieutenant of both Rahul and Priyanka.
Following are some profile details of Sandeep Singh Personal Life: Name: Sandeep Singh Nick Name: Dada Date of Birth: Age: 38 Years Birthplace: Pratapgarh, UP Father: Mother: Educational Qualification: -School: -College: Sandeep did graduation from Allahabad University and then went to JNU for higher education. It was at JNU where he got…
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Naghma Sahar, NDTV: Profile, Husband and Wiki

Naghma Sahar is senior anchor and Associate Editor of NDTV India. She has a special place among Indian electronic media journalists for being stubbornly impartial and unbiased. In fact, impartiality is something a rare attribute with NDTV office. But, Naghma Sahar is different.

Naghma had gotten national attention with her brave reporting from ground zero for devastating tsunami of 2005.
Following are some profile details of Naghma Sahar: Personal Life: Name: Naghma Sahar Nick Name: Naghma Date of Birth: Age: Birthplace: Bihar Father: He was an employee with the Government of Bihar. Mother:
Educational Qualification: -School: -College: Delhi University. She holds MA degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. She has also completed UGC JRF. Needless to say, she was dreaming to become a lecturer. However, destiny had written some other script for her.
Relationship Status: Married to media professional Rajiv Srivastava. The couple has one daughter.
News and Controversies:
Family Details: -Spo…

Ajit Hanamakkanavar: Profile, Wiki, Family, Caste and Wife

Ajith Hanamakkanavar is one of the most respected journalists and TV anchors of Karnataka. He is the popular anchor of Kannada News Channel Suvarna News 24X7.

Ajit has always been controversial for being unbiased and having a habit of calling spade a spade. During news debate, he keeps on throwing probing questions to all panelists, irrespective to their political association.

Ajit was recently in news for his comment against Prophet Mohammed. When a Mulsim fanatic abused Lord Rama on the show, he simply replied that Prophet Mohammed might have done something inhumane. He later apologized. FIR was filed against him. A Muslim organization based in Mangalore issued death threat against him. The then Government of Congress-JDS alliance denied giving any sort of protection to him. At the same time, the Government decided to give protection to Bhagwaan, the author of a controversial book on Lord Rama.
Following is the brief wiki and biography of Ajith Hanamakkanavar:
Real Name: Ajith Hanamakk…

Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England: Bio, Wiki, Boyfriend and Family

Bhasha Mukherjee is the winner of Miss England 2019 Beauty Pageant. She emerged as the winner among 55 English models. Her sharp acumen coupled with amazing physical features made it easy for her to enter the Miss World Contest, 2019 as an entry from England.

Bhasha was born in India. Her parents were shifted to the UK when she was only nine years. Over time, the entire family got UK citizenship. Her relationship with India is over. It is evident from the fact that she knows five languages, but doesn’t know her mother tongue Bengali. She also doesn’t know Hindi, the official language of India.

Following are some profile details of Bhasha: Personal Life: Name: Bhasha Mukherjee Nick Name: Date of Birth: Age: 23 Years Birthplace: Kolkata Father: Mother:
Educational Qualification: -School: -College: Bhasha has completed two medical degrees from University of Nottingham. Caste: Bengali Brahmin by birth.
Relationship Status: In a relationship.The guy is also a doctor.
News and Controversies: It is little…

Arnab Goswami: Profile, Wife, Net Asset and Family

Arnab Goswami is the Editor – in – Chief of the most watched Indian English News Channel, Republic TV along with its sister Hindi News Channel Republic Bharat. He is also the majority shareholder of Republic News Group. He was previously with NDTV and Times Now. He is credited to making Times Now a popular English Channel with his unique prime time shows and interviews with famous personalities. It was his stand on nationalism and strong pro India attitude which compelled him to quit Times Now.

Arnab Goswami is also widely criticized for his penchant to change the narrative against Narendra Modi with Republic TV. In fact, Congress and other opposition parties have virtually boycotted Republic TV.
Following is the brief wiki and profile of Arnab Goswami: Personal Information: Name: Arnab Goswami Nick Name: Date of Birth: 7th March, 1973 Age: 47 Years Father: Manoranjan Goswami, an Indian Army veteran and BJP leader. Mother: Suprabha Gain Goswami, a renowned Assamese author. Caste: Brahmin Birthp…

Dr. Shanti Roy, Patna: Profile, Wiki, Family, Caste and Husband

Dr. Shanti Roy is one of the best gynecologists of India. She is known for her deep understanding of almost all problems related to female reproductive systems. She is based out of Patna and her clinic has always been a destination for women suffering from variety of ailments. She is a doctor who has handled thousands of complicated child birth problems. In fact, she is the last destination for women who wants to have baby, but couldn’t because of variety physiological or psychological reasons.

Dr. Shanti Roy has been awarded with Padma Shri, as announced by the Government of India on 25th January, 2020.

Dr. Shanti Roy is now quite aged. She is no more seeing patients on regular basis. But, she is available to guide her daughter in law Dr. Sarika Roy and daughter Shipra Roy to handle complicated cases. Apart from these two, her son Dr. Himanshu Roy has also become an expert in IVF. All three clinics are based in Kankarbagh area of Patna.
Profile of Dr. Shanti RoyDr. Shanti Roy was born a…

H C Verma: Profile, Family and Children

Harish Chandra Verma, better known as H C Verma, is one of the most read authors of Physics in India. His two volumes book – Concepts of Physics – is widely regarded as a must-have for anyone preparing for IIT JEE or any other Engineering Entrance Examination.
It is nothing short of surprising that H C Verma has not revised this book since 1992. The content of the book has remained the same for 24 years, and still it is the best sellers among the lot.
It should be noted that Professor H C Verma has written many other books and has research interest in Nuclear Physics.

Profile of H C VermaProf. Verma was born in 1952 in Darbhanga, Bihar. He came to Patna when his father was transferred to the capital of Bihar. He was not a bright student during school days, and his father used to give lots of time to teach him mathematics and Science. 
Somehow, he passed the matriculation examination and got admission in the Patna Science College. This College taught him a lot and he did exceptionally well…