Anupriya Patel: Profile, Husband and Family

Anupriya Patel is a young politician from the state of Uttar Pradesh. She represents Mirzapur in Lok Sabha on Apna Dal symbol, a party formed by her late father. She is considered a strong pro Modi voice among OBC in UP and that might be the reason why she has been awarded with a ministerial berth in the Modi cabinet against the wishes of Apna Dal (MoS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to the Government of India). She is a Kurmi by caste and considered to have quite popular among her kurmis of Eastern UP.  Unfortunately, her brother and sister (Pallavi Patel) are quite jealous of her rising popularity and somehow convinced Krishna Patel, their mother and party president, to expel Anupriya from the party. Obviously, this is nothing but a death knell of Apna Dal. Left without any party, Anupriya may soon join the BJP.

Profile of Anupriya Patel

Anupriya was born on April 28, 1981 in Kanpur. Her father Sone Lal Patel was a well-known politician of UP. He was also quite close to Kanshi Ram and worked immensely in the establishment of the BSP. However, he developed some differences with Mayawati in 1995 and left BSP to form his own caste based party, Apna Dal. Anupriya was quite close to her dad and she was learning arts politics. She was also a brilliant student and has done extremely well throughout. She has studied from the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, Amity University and Kanpur University.

BJP and Anupriya Patel

There is no denying that the BJP President is hoping lots from Anupriya. He has worked in the UP and perfectly understands the nerve of people, particularly in Purvanchal. He is aware of the immense popularity of Anupriya Patel among Kurmi voters. BJP doesn’t have any well-known Kurmi leader in UP and hence they are expecting Anupriya to turn the tide among her community in BJP’s favour. Already, Nitish Kumar, another Kurmi, is wandering in UP with his only slogan of Liquor Prohibition. It is also because of this fact that Apna Dal president, the mother of Anupriya, is unhappy with her. Being an Indian mother, she wants to see her son rising ahead in politics, but that is not happening because of Anupriya.

And, Anupriya as a minister will only create more problems for Apna Dal.

The Controversy of Tweet

There is also a controversy about a Tweet that was supposedly done from the handle of Anupriya. The tweet is now deleted, but screen shot is available. If this was the work of Anupriya, then one can say that she is still a novice in the Indian politics. 

However, it should be remembered that any women in Modi ministry has been attacked unjustifiably by opponents. Be it Smriti Iran or Sushma Swaraj, all of them were made ridiculed despite applauding performances. Anupriya may soon become the victim. But, as they say, there is nothing as wrong publicity in Politics. If she will become controversial, it will only help her political career.

Husband of Anupriya Patel

Anupriya is married to Ashish Kumar Singh (a.k.a. Ashish Patel). They got married in 2009. Just 12 days of her marriage, Anupriya lost her father and she took charge of the party from that time. 

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