Suhana Khan: Profile, Boyfriend, Age and Height

Suhana Khan is now 16 years old. It is obviously high time when people have started to anticipate some news about her personal life. She is also expected to join the Bollywood – within next five years.

Suhana Khan is a well-known celebrity kid of India. She is the daughter of Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Because of this celebrity status, every move of her becomes a sort of sensational news. Obviously, majority of news coming out in the media is nothing but gossip and published just to get more eyeballs. People need to understand that she is still a teenage girl and she should be given some space.

Profile of Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan was born on 22nd May, 2000 in Mumbai. SRK and Gauri had planned her to be their last child. However, one decade later they started to desire for one more. Since the uterus of Gauri Khan was already removed, they went for surrogate mother option and selected none other than sister in law of Gauri for the purpose. That is how AbRam Khan came into the world.

Shahrukh got Suhana admitted in Dhiru Bhai International School in 2004. Since then she is studying in the same school. Next year when her schooling education will finish, she may go to the USA for further study. However, Shahrukh Khan had once openly said that Suhana has deep ambition to join the Bollywood and he may not have any problem if she chooses to do so.

Suhana Khan is a fan of sports and dancing. She follows soccer and even has played some football matches. Of late, she has also started to show interest in Cricket. Obviously, the reason behind this interest in cricket is none other than her father owning the IPL team Kolkata.

Suhana Khan has also shown stunning dancing skills on stage. It would be wonderful to see how she evolved as an actress.

Suhana Khan is quite sexy and beautiful. She is also gifted with very good physical features, which will become even more beautiful over time. At this juncture, her height is 5.5 ft.

Boyfriend of Suhana Khan

As mentioned above, there are many occasions when Suhana has become a matter of discussion over social media websites, like Twitter and Facebook. There are also lots of rumors about her already being in a committed relationship with the son of a Bollywood celebrity who is also studying in the same school. The name of her boyfriend is not known and Suhana has always remained tight lipped about it.

Shahrukh Khan once said that he has specifically told his daughter that she should find a boyfriend like him – caring, loving and large hearted. It is not known in what respect Shah Rukh had said that. Did he reject Suhana relationship with a guy?

It is a known fact that Suhana is the princess of SRK. You can see any interview of SRK and you will find him mentioning about Suahan whenever a question is asked about his family life. SRK also keeps on sharing photos and news about Suhana. Being the only girl child, SRK gives lots of affection and love to Suhana. In this context, it is also possible that Suhana will go for committed relationship only after getting permission from her father.