Who is the Boyfriend of Sara Tendulkar?

Sachin Tendulkar has said ‘Good Bye’ to Cricket. After representing India for 24 long years, this God of Cricket will be sorely missed on the field. His farewell speech which was replete with remembering and saying thanks to people who made him the GOD, moved the entire country. It was also the first time when he publicly introduced his children – Sara and Arjun Tendulkar. He told that Anjali, his gorgeous wife, has given her two precious diamonds namely Sara and Arjun. He openly said that because of his preoccupations he was not able to give time to these two diamonds. Now they are grown up – Sara is 16 years old and Arjun is 14 – and he wants to give optimum amount of time to them.

Sara Tendulkar
Sara Tendulkar Catches the Limelight

This was also the first time when the entire family of Sachin was there in a stadium. They were even there at the presentation ceremony. Sara Tendulkar was looking simply scintillating. Red top that she was wearing coupled with ‘kajal’ were more than sufficient to make her a point of discussion. Previously, Sachin was seen with his two diamonds when India had won the World Cup. But, this was definitely a special occasion. Sara Tendulkar even started to weep silently which shows how emotional she is.

Is Sara Tendulkar Committed?

Naturally, there is going to be some discussion about the personal life of Sara Tendulkar. After all, her presence at the presentation ceremony has ensured that she is now a celebrity. She is also more than just a star kid now. Remember, Sachin Tendulkar has been selected for Bharat Ratna. It means his name will be permanently there in the warrant of precedence. Now, according to the protocol his status will be similar to a Cabinet Minister throughout India. And, remember it is a permanent status.

It is said that Sara Tendulkar is no more single. In fact, she has declared her status on Facebook. If you remember Facebook had made some abrupt changes in the privacy settings in 2012. Sara made a mistake here. Accidently, she made this status eligible for public viewing. And, who is that lucky guy?

It is none other than Himanshu Kohli, a Channel V anchor. Sara has been seen roaming around with him in a mall in Mumbai with many other friends. Anjali Tendulkar keeps a close watch on the movement of her teenage daughter and hence there are yet to date.

However, there is a twist in this story. According to an official release of Dhiru Bhai International School, where Sara and Arjun Tendulkar are currently studying, this is a fake account of Sara. It is altogether a different matter that the friend list of that account is filled with students of Dhiru Bhai International School. 

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