Miss Pooja: Husband and Boyfriend

There is not a semblance of doubt behind the fact that Miss Pooja has become on the biggest success stories of Indian music in general, and Punjabi music in particular. Her popularity has crossed the barrier of Punjab, and you can find people adoring and respecting her skills throughout Indian and the world. It is not always that you find a good singer, with gorgeous physical features – beautiful face with amazing heights.
It is quite natural that people keep on searching about the other side of the life of Miss Pooja. Is she married? If not, has she any boyfriend? You can find some information about the personal life of Miss Pooja in this blog post.

Husband of Miss Pooja

A Punjabi newspaper had published news about the marriage of Miss Pooja. However, as things stand, there is complete confusion about her relationship status. There are some news that she is married to Romi Tahli. Some photos are going around in the social media. But, Miss Pooja hasn't said a single word about this.

Miss Pooja: Boyfriend
Boyfriend of Miss Pooja

For your kind information, currently Miss Pooja is not dating someone. Though, it doesn’t mean that she had never been in any relationship. In fact, according to trustworthy information, she had been in serious relationship for at least two times. However, both of those relationships could not work.

As a matter of fact, the registered name of Miss Pooja is Gurinder Kaur Kainth. After completing her Master’s Degree (Music), she started to take classes in Patel Public School. She was teaching music there, and she was among the most popular faces of the school. Even, girls at the school used to envy her popularity. Many teachers and senior students always looked to find ways to contact her. It is said that Miss Pooja had a relationship with a person who was a member of the Governing board of the school. The person was at least 13 years older than her. That man had helped Miss Pooja to crossed the barrier and find a way in the world of professional music. Not much is known in the public domain about this relationship, and hence I am not naming him here.

Gurpreet Singh was the second boyfriend of Miss Pooja. You might remember some hit numbers of Miss Pooja from ‘Romantic Jat’. It was Gurpreet who went out of his ways to help Pooja to make this album a big hit. The shooting for video was done in Canada, and Gurpeet did all the arrangements. However, Miss Pooja could not keep this relationship. It is said that the two decided to call off the relationship because of the geographical distance. Miss Pooja was required to be in India for her professional music career, and Gurpreet was needed in Toronto, Canada for his business.

Currently, Miss Pooja is single. There is quite a high possibility of her getting married in 2014. Her choice will be a Punjabi Jat.



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