Wife of Dr. Kumar Vishwas

Dr. Kumar Vishwas is one of the most popular politicians of AAP. He fought against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi in the 2014 General Election, and unfortunately lost deposit. Since last five years, his popularity is rising continuously. There is no denying that he is the most expensive and sought after poet of India. It is heartening to see that a Hindi poet is getting so much affection. Entire AAP supporters have appreciated his role for the historic win that the party had in 2015 Delhi Assembly Election. In the recent crisis in the party, he stood behind Arvind Kejriwal.

Dr. Kumar Vishwas is a close confidante of  Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. His Facebook page has more than one million followers. Similarly, he is also quite popular on Twitter. However, it is a matter of great surprise that very little knowledge is available among his supporters about his personal life.

Wife of Dr. Kumar Vishwas

For inexplicable reasons, Dr. Kumar Vishwas didn’t mention anything about his family in the biography published on his official website. He has more than one million followers on Facebook, but there also it is hard to get any information regarding his wife. It seems like film stars, he is also trying to hide the name and face of his wife to protect his popularity among teen girls.

Dr. Manju Sharma is the name of Dr. Kumar Vishwas wife. Like him, she is also a lecturer of Hindi literature. However, she could not get a job in the NCR. She is staying in Jaipur and taking classes there. The couple has two daughters, and both of them are staying with Dr. Manju Sharma. While campaigning in Amethi, Vishwas took his entire family there. All fours stay there for three months. He is a registered voter in Ghaziabad and hence returned there on the voting date with wife. 

Sex Scandal

A newspaper published the email communication of top AAP leaders where an AAP leader had accused Kumar Vishwas of sleeping with a volunteer. In fact, Dr. Kumar Vishwas was allegedly caught red handed by his wife Dr. Manju Sharma while making sex with the young AAP volunteer. Dr. Kumar Vishwas just ridiculed BJP supporters on Twitter for this allegation. 

Dr. Kumar Vishwas in Ghaziabad with wife Manju IMAGE Courtsey: Twitter Handle of Kumar Vishwas

Manju was present during the swearing-in ceremony of Arvind Kejriwal for Delhi Chief Minister. It is well known fact that Arvind Kejriwal is a close friend of Dr. Kumar Vishwas since 2005. The relationship extends to respective families, and hence Manju and Sunita Kejriwal are also close friends.

Dr. Kumar Vishwas is staying in Ghaziabad along with his parents. Unfortunately, due to demands of professional life he couldn’t stay with his wie Manju Sharma.

Kumar Vishwas and Manju Sharma Love Story

Vishwas and Manju met during their college days. Both of were quite fond of Hindi literature. In fact, Kumar Vishwas used to write Hindi poems for Manju Sharma. It is a known fact that Kumar Vishwas is a poet of Shringara ras – love. He started doing this to impress Manju. Needless to say that he succeeded in this endeavor, and eventually married Manju after the completion of heir post graduation.


  1. We aspects more Poems from Kavi Kumar Vishwas even on Politics and Patriotism. Indeed we are fortunate enough as Kavi var is the first Hindi Poet Guest lecture in different University of the word.
    We well come him in BJP very soon.

  2. Now a days only Dr Kumar is best youth poetwho impression all


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