Love Story of Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra

Indira Gandhi is widely considered as the most powerful and charismatic leaders India ever had. She is even ranked better than her dad Jawahar Lal Nehru. Indians also see the similarity of Indira Gandhi’s personality to that of her granddaughter Priyanka Gandhi. Priyanka has the same physical features like nose, hair and height, among others. She also directly connects with her audience. It is said that in 2014 General Election, Congress could win two seats in UP – Sonia and Rahul, and Priyanka was the main reason behind Rahul’s win in Amethi. After the dismal performance of Congress in this election, people are already demanding for the induction of Priyanka in Congress. Next two three years will be quite interesting for the Indian politics. 

However, the biggest hurdle for Priyanka in becoming a national leader is none other than her husband Robert Vadra. He is being seen in involved in many dubious land deals. People seem to hate him. In fact, many Congressmen think that Robert Vadra needs to be deserted for the success of the political career of Priyanka Gandhi.

Robert Vadra doesn’t come from a great background. Many still wonder how he befriended and later married Priyanka Gandhi. He didn’t belong to a rich family. He never showed any exceptional qualities. He is not physically attractive, even shorter than Priyanka Gandhi. He was not even a good student, and failed to get a graduate degree. He is not a good communicator. Yet, how he managed to marry a beautiful girl of the first political family of India?

Love Story of Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi

Robert Vadra originally belongs to Moradabad in UP. His father father Rajendra Vadra had married a British woman. His sister Michelle Vadra studied in the same school where Priyanka was studying. Robert met Priyanka first time through his sister Michelle. At that time, Priyanka was just 13 years old and it was 1991-92. Robert Vadra also gave him necessary support in the tough days after Rajiv Gandhi assassination. The Vadra family was involved in brassware and artificial jewelry business. Robert started to gift attractive jewelry to Priyanka, which she would like very much. As they grow, the friendship between Robert Vadra and Priyanka started to grow. Robert used to visit 10 Janpath regularly. He also became a close friend of Rahul Gandhi. The friendship came into the media light when Priyanka, without any planning, went to Moradabad to see Robert Vadra. Unfortunately, Michelle who is the reason behind the marriage of Priyanka and Robert died in 2001 in a road accident. Robert father committed suicide in a small hotel near AIIMS. His brother Richard also died. Currently, Robert is left with only mother.

There is no denying that even out of power, Gandhi family is really powerful. You can imagine how tough it is for an Indian young male to even propose Priyanka. She is/was under SPG security which makes it impossible for people to contact her directly. Robert Vadra was quite lucky as he was a childhood friend of Priyanka. One day he decided to propose Priyanka. The proposal was not for love or to become girlfriend. But, that was for marriage. Priyanka instantly accepted this offer. Rahul was already a friend of Robert, and Sonia didn’t show any objection to this marriage. Intelligence Bureau was asked to check the background of Robert Vadra and his family. The IB also gave green signal to the Gandhi family. 

Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi got married in 1997. They have two sons. Robert and Priyanka Gandhi stay at Gurgaon. They regularly visit 10, Janpath. Their marriage has passed the test of the time, as they are happily married for 17 years. Priyanka says that what she loves about Robert is his down to earth attitude. 


  1. Priyanka couldn't have been 13 in 1991. She's 44 now. That makes her 19 in 1991.