Buddha Jayanti Park (Buddha Garden) Delhi

Buddha Jayanti Park is one of the most popular hangouts for youngsters in Delhi. Unfortunately, it is also quite infamous among locales. The notoriety was attached with this park because of objectionable activities of couples. It is also known as Buddha Garden. In fact, if you discuss about Buddha Garden in Delhi, people will only think about couples openly smooching and getting physical. Many people who came to Delhi from outside especially visit this park just for the sake of enjoying ‘those activities’.

One of my uncles, aged 54, was in Delhi in December, 2013. He went Buddha Garden for morning walk. What he saw there was just ‘disgusting’. Even in the morning, lots of couples were indulged in making physical relationship. He returned from the park and asked me to make a reservation back home. He decided to not stay in Delhi any more.

In 2003, Buddha Garden came in news for another shocker. A Delhi University girl was raped by four security persons. And, these four were the ‘elite’ member of president’s bodyguards. A P J Abdul Kalam was shocked to learn about this incident. Two of these security persons were awarded life sentences, while other two were given rigorous imprisonment of not less than seven years. The DU girl had gone to the park with her boyfriend and was sitting in a lonely place where this incident happened.

A Couple sharing private moment at Buddha Garden

This park is also an easy place for making quick money by some corrupt police officers. They always look for couple who are involved in making physical relationship. If they found one, they ask for money. Even couples who are just kissing can be caught by Delhi Police constables. Unfortunately, the idea is not to stop couples from making these activities openly, but to get their palm greased. 

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