Freedom 5 Contraceptive Device: Review

Consider a situation. You don’t want to conceive/become pregnant in near future. And, you are living with your partner/husband. What is available option for you?

There are many. You can ask your partner to use condom every time he makes physical relationship with you. Or, you may start to take oral contraceptive pills. Condom is obviously not the best solution for a husband wife. Similarly, taking contraceptive pills for prolong period isn't a solution, it can lead to some long term health problems. One of the serious solution in this condition is Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (ICD). 

Freedom 5 is one of the most trusted ICD brand in India. Once implanted, you can avoid getting pregnant for five years.

I think it is better to rely on Freedom 5 than going ahead with permanent sterilization. Why should you block your chance to become pregnant in future? It is quite easy to use and doesn't have any side effects. Further, it will never hinder the pleasure you get while making love with your partner.       

Freedom 5 is a reliable T-Shaped ICD which is considered the best available reversible contraceptive technique. You can any time remove it, if you again want to conceive.
It doesn't allow sperm to fertilize with eggs. Actually, it releases minuscule amount of copper which changes the basic structure of fluids of your Fallopian tube and also womb.

Please keep in mind that Freedom 5 doesn't protect you from any sexually transmitted disease.

How to Insert Freedom 5

As I have mentioned earlier, you need to consult a doctor and go for thorough medical checkups. Your doctor will insert it into the uterus. Little bit of experience and dexterity is required and hence you should not try it on your own. It will take maximum of half an hour for an experienced doctor to properly fix it. After that, you are free to live your life the way you want.

This review is based on personal opinion. You should not consider it a substitute of medical advice. Please consult a doctor and let her prescribe you the best and most suitable contraceptive method for you.

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  2. Is it possible that my wife become pregnant although she has freedom 5 implanted? If it is unsafe sex?


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