Aditi Arya, Miss India 2015:Profile and Boyfriend

Aditi Arya is crowned as the Miss India, 2015. She will be a contender for the Miss Universe Title, 2015 from India. The beautiful and glamorous Aditi is from Gurgaon. She is endowed with stunning beauty with amazing physical features. Her height is 5 ft. 11 inches. Now, you should know that she is going to give competition to Sushmita Sen as far as height is concerned. In the list of contenders for Miss India, only Afreen Vaz of Mumbai was of comparable height (Afreen was the first runner up and she will participate in Miss World, 2015 from India).

The event of Miss India, 2015 was organized in the Yash Raj Studio, Mumbai where the reigning Miss India Koyal Rana gave Aditi the crown which was designed and made by PC Jewellers. 21 contestents from various parts of the country participated in this beauty pageant event.

Aditi Arya, Miss India, 2015

Boyfriend of Aditi Arya

Aditi Arya is from Gurgaon, Haryana. She is basically a Jat. Her family are Arya Samaji and that is why they used the surname Arya for their children. Aditi did her education from Gurgaon.

Aditi is currently in a relationship. The name of her boyfriend is Ritesh Singh, who is also a Jat from Rohtak. Both of them are in relationship since last three years.
There is no doubt that Aditi will hide this relationship at least for one year. And, later whatever the result of the Miss Universe event, she is going to join the Bollywood.

It would be interesting to see whether she will maintain this old relationship with Ritesh while being a celebrity (which she has already become). If you take a look on the personal lives of famous celebrities, you may conclude that Aditi is going to ditch Ritesh sooner or later. Let’s see what happens. 

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