Pinky Lalwani, Vijay Mallya Girlfriend: Profile

Pinky Lalwani is again making news. Vijay Mallay has allegedly fled the country on Jet Airways. He got immigration clearance quickly and the series of event has literally shocked the nation. Well, businesses can fail and that may not be a problem. But, not giving salary to your employees while your life style remaining the same that defines ‘King of Good Times’ tag, then question must be raised. That is happening with Mallya.

But, even more interesting is the case of Pinky Lalwani.

The berth number of Vijay Mallya was 1D and he had checked-in with seven bags. And, guess who was sitting beside her. She was none other than Pinky Lalwani.

Who is Pinky Lalwani

Pinky is a former employee of King Fisher Airlines. Well, majority of KFA employees are still waiting for their salary – their rights. But, that may not be a case with Pinky. She is living with ‘the Boss’ for long. She may not need any salary.

Actually, the second wife of Vijay Mallay, Rekha, is living in London with her daughters. Vijay and his son Siddharth Mallya generally prefer London when they are out of India. And, in London, Pinky stays with Vijay.

It is also believed that Pinky has already married Vijay Mallya. That may be the reason why she is taking care of her mother. But, this is an unconfirmed report. Few insiders still say that they are not married, but just enjoying live-in relationship.

As a matter of fact, Pinky was recruited by KFA as a flight attendant. Vijay Mallya saw her and befriended her. Pinky understood the intention of Vijay and she couldn’t believe her luck. Sex with an old man doesn’t matter for her when the old man is none other than Vijay Mallya.

The first marriage of Vijay Mallya was also with a flight attendant. Her name was Sameera whom Vijay saw on an Air India flight. Sameera after giving birth to Siddhart left her. Six years later, Vijay married Rekha, his childhood girlfriend. By that time, Rekha was a double divorcee and had three children. Vijay told her terms of marriage that he will take care of all of his children, but she won’t mess with his life. Rekha had no option and she agreed. She is currently residing in the USA with her daughters.

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