D G Vanzara: Family, Profile and Cases

D G Vanzara, an IPS officer of Gujarat cadre and encounter specialist, is back home in Gujarat. He served jail in an alleged fake encounter case for 8 years and after one more year, the court has allowed him to go home. After coming out of Sabarmati Jail in Ahmedabad, he flew to Mumbai as that was a term of the bail condition. He was charged for encounter of Isharat Jehan and group, along with Sohrabuddin and Tulsi Prajapati encounter cases.

It has now been confirmed that Ishrat Jahan was a suicide bomber and was going to Ahmedabad to kill the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Whether that was a fake or genuine encounter has not been confirmed, but the popular perception is for Vanjara. People think that a terrorist needs to be eliminated in any manner. Ends matter more in these type of situations than means. Had Ishrat Jahan succeeded, she would have killed many more people apart from Mr. Modi. Similarly, Sohrabuddin was wanted by police of four states. He used to keep A K – 47.

Controversial Encounters of D G Vanjara

Following are some of the encounters handled by Mr. Vanjara which had become quite controversial:

-         Sameer Khan Encounter of September, 2002
-         Sadik Jamal Encounter of 2003
-         Ishrat Jahan along with three other terrorists on June 14. 2004
-         Sohrabuddin Encounter in 2005
-         Suspected killing of Sohrabuddin wife Kausar Bi
-         Sohrabuddin friend Tulsi Prajapati encounter in December, 2006

Along with Vanjara, many other senior IPS officers have been jailed for these encounters. Almost all of them had worked under Vanjara.

D G Vanajara was considered quite close to Narendra Modi. However, in a letter that he had written from jail, he showed little bit of disappointment for Modi. He was considered a super cop of Gujarat Police, and retired in 2014 – while being in jail – as a Deputy Inspector General of Police. The cases are still going on and it is widely believed that Modi haters will use Vanjara name to attack the Prime Minister of India.

Family of D G Vanjara

D G Vanzara is married to Gauriben Vanzara. The couple has a son named Prthviraj Vanzara. It was Prithviraj who stood firm with his father and took care of all legal cases. He had to travel constantly from Maharashtra to Gujarat. He had deep faith in the Indian judiciary system and well aware of the fact that his father has just victim of dirty politics of India.

The brother of D G Vanzara is K G Vanzara. It should be mentioned here that the daughter of K G Vanzara is deputy superintendent of Police of Gujarat. Her name is Majitha. Further, his daughter in law Shudhambika had cracked the UPSC Civil Services Examination. The entire Vanzara family is close and they stood behind D G Vanzara in his time of crisis.

D G Vanzara is also not expected to join politics. There is no denying that he regards Modi in high esteem. However, he is against Amit Shah. He had clearly showed disappointment with Amit Shah in a letter written from jail.

Caste of D G Vanzara

As the surname indicates, Vanzara is of Banzara caste. It is also termed as Vanzara, Gor, Gormati or Lambani. This caste is generally found in Maharashtra. Very few families of Vanzara caste are living in Gujarat, and D G Vanazara is one of them.



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