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IIT JEE Rank of Arvind Kejriwal

AAP supporters are destined for a big shock. Their idol Arvind Kejriwal has never cleared IIT JEE. Rather, he got admission through the fake staff quota to IIT Kharagpur. Please see the below images for proof. It should be mentioned at the outset that the registrar of IIT - KGP has refuted allegation about Kejriwal admission and said that he had got AIR 563. On many pro AAP websites/blogs, his rank is mentioned as 341. But, it is quite shocking that IIT - KGP has repeatedly denied replying RTI about his rank. They don't want to say anything about his rank through RTI because giving wrong information there can create legal troubles for them. It is even more interesting that IIT KGP had organized JEE in 1985, and the same institute has no 'official' record about the rank of a candidate who had supposedly cracked the exam and had taken admission in the same institute. Ridiculous, isn't it?

There is no denying that Arvind Kejriwal has studied from IIT Kharagpur. He is also quite a brilliant person who later cracked Civil Services and got IRS. Though, his first choice was IAS and second was IPS, but getting the third choice was not a mean achievement in such a cut throat competition.

IIT JEE Rank of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal was demanding the proof of degree of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He started to propagate lies with the help of some of his friends in media. It was quite shocking that such a personal issue were given heed by the RTI where the act doesn’t allow access of 3rd party personal information. Further, the act also doesn’t hold for information older than 20 years. Naturally, both of the university decided to not follow the demand and hence the issue was pitched by AAP supporters as a case of fake degree. They didn’t know that filing an FIR was the best option. But, who cares for proof in the new Indian politics where personal attack has become a norm.

The issue has now been settled by the BJP which has officially released degrees of the Prime Minister. But, there is also no denying that AAP has taken the public discourse to new low.

At the same time, the problem for Kejriwal started to come to the fore. In an RTI reply, IIT Kharagpur made public IIT related information of Arvind Kejriwal. But, they couldn’t say anything about the JEE rank of Arvind Kejriwal. There wasn’t any information.

Arvind Kejriwal has no IIT JEE Rank

Arvind Kejriwal has appeared in IIT JEE Entrance examination. But, he could never clear the same. He father used a different and unethical method to make an entry into the IIT.

There was a staff quota in IIT Kharagpur where seats used to be filled at the discretion of the Director. This was a sort of secret quota and spawned heavy corruption in the IIT Kharagpur. This quota was ended in 2006. It was initially started for 5 year integrated program and was later allowed for B. Tech program. Arvind Kejrwal used this corrupt method to enter the IIT premise. 

Who Paid for Kejriwal IIT Entry

Arvind Kejriwal father did B. Tech from BIT Mesra and later joined Jindal Group as an electrical engineer. He has very good relations with owner of Jindal Group Late O. P. Jindal. Both of them were from Hisar and hence they developed familiar relationship. The power and clout of O. P. Jindal is known to all. It was Jindal who had arranged for Kejriwal admission in IIT Kharagpur.

Different Name

We all understand the name issue in India. In Bihar, we have very big problem of having Kumar in matriculation examination and adding the caste related surname, like Singh, Yadav and Mahto, later.

This is a mundane issue. The certificate of Narendra Modi shows KUMAR in DU and without KUMAR in GU with his name. AAP is making a big issue out of it. Ashutosh even demanded Affidavit from Modi where he has changed his name. One wonders who gave him right for this. 

Coming to the point, we have found two different names of none other than Kejriwal. You can check these names online. His name in Election roll is Arvind Kejriwal, which we all know. But, hold on.... his name on the PAN CARD is Arvind Kumar Kejriwal. You can check these two names online. We know it happens in India and it is not a big deal. There is also no point of asking for affidavit from Kejriwal, who is currently using two different names - one for election purpose and other for filing taxes. Here are screenshot images of these two names, which you can also check online from the official website of the government of India. You can also ask Kejriwal on Twitter to show image of his PAN card and also to tell about his IIT JEE Rank... which he will never respond. 

On a side note, let us have a look on the qualification of Ashutosh Gupta, AAP leader. You might have encountered his speeches and tweets which are always replete with errors. The man doesn't know basic English Grammar and has written a book in English. As a youngster has rightly said - Ashutosh doesn't have requisite knowledge to buy an i-Pill, but JNU has given him M.Phil.

According to informed sources, he had used a ghost writer and paid Rs. 10 lakhs to write the book in his name. He has done the same with many articles that have appeared under his name on various news papers. 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. He is utter waste of tste. Nothing more to write and wate my own time

  3. He is utter waste of tste. Nothing more to write and wate my own time

  4. What Kejriwal and party forgot was that Modi had been put under lens for over 12 years by all sorts of central agencies but failed to fix him. If AAP Govt tried this degree issue to detract from their anti pollution disappointment it is another issue.

  5. What Kejriwal and party forgot was that Modi had been put under lens for over 12 years by all sorts of central agencies but failed to fix him. If AAP Govt tried this degree issue to detract from their anti pollution disappointment it is another issue.

  6. There fore it is said that don't throw stone on others if you have glass doors .Mr.kejriwal and his party has no work which can develop the state of Delhi but have only to create confusion on various issues .he must know that he has no right to know the personal details of anybody .Universities are not bound to give the records of any students ,if it is older then 20 years . He himself got admission through illegal channel with various names at various stage .What he is trying to prove is not clear .

  7. This is not the issue that name is different in degree this can be clerical mistake...... Issue is who gave right to Mr. Ashutosh to ask honourable PM for disgusting ..... I think he forget that he is not elected by any university but by the citizen of india .... Same in case of kajeriwal..... They are not upon the hope of public...they show faith in him then why leg pulling is going on and for what....such sick minded people should be thrown out of the country.... Bcz right to express doesn't means using cheap language for our seniors.... Who gave right to them

  8. Politics is all about past in India. Politicians do not have any development mission & vision apart from blaming each other. Now how does it matter from which University or from which collegs they got graduate... The things which matter is what are you doing in present for the better future.

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  10. Arvind and his team is big assholes

  11. Kejriwal and his foolish team is the big comedy drama of Indian Team. It's always useless to waste your time on them. Request media also to ignore them and show some valuable news. I am surprised that what the people of Delhi have seen in Kejriwal and his AAP......

  12. what about the role of media? anybody speak anything against the PM - it is a front page article! but I have not seen any news published in TOI,Pune on Arvind Kejriwals different name and admission process into IIT. It is the media actually doing the the damage on people,s mind. why media making hoo-ha on PM's degree! Are they paid for it??

  13. चलो माना की पहले "आप" थे
    अब नजरों में "तुम" हो गये
    सुना है आगरे का मेंटल हॉस्पिटल बंद हो गया
    अब इसे कहीं ना कही तो खुलना ही था
    गर खुजली है तो इसने अपना खुजाना ही था
    जालिम लोशन बी-टैक्स के बिना ये मानेगा कहाँ

  14. kejri saab aap bhi?

  15. Utter nonsense; and general public will go for this easily, without improper scrutiny!

  16. Wow!
    How can a degree defines the character of a person, his competencies, & talents.
    Mr. Modi is a great statesman, hardworking politician.
    A person doesn't need any degree to prove his skills in his areas of professionalism.

    Going by Kejri's logic, Bill Gates isn't competent enough to lead Microsoft.

    Manmohan Singh is full of degrees, see where we stand now with his party & ministers looting Rs.12Lakh Crore from India's Treasury.

    Enough of this degree sh**.

    Maybe for Mr.Kejri getting a degree is more important than the person's character & Skills.

    1. Rubbish!

      In politics, degree doesn't matter. Everyone can see this; a former chaiwala is now running the nation. These politicians are supported by professions who advise what's best for our nation. Just ignore who our ministers are and carry on with normal lives.

    2. Well said, degree doesn't claim the talen. Politicians should owe good attitude to serve people with true face. These happenings are dirty politics made by weak political compatitors.. We need to figure them and wash either!!!

    3. Well said, degree doesn't claim the talen. Politicians should owe good attitude to serve people with true face. These happenings are dirty politics made by weak political compatitors.. We need to figure them and wash either!!!

  17. Such a stupid post. The institute as big as IIT will not keep records of All India Ranks. That doesn't mean he never appeared for it. Also, IIT Kgp gave a statement that there was nothing unethical in the way he got admission, he got it in the same way as others in his batch did, by appearing and clearing the IIT JEE.
    Stop spreading lies and propaganda in the name of blog.

    1. Arvind Kejriwal's father bribed to have his son admitted in IIT - K

  18. It is said that everyone looked as "Adharmi" by Duryodhan in Mahabharat. Similary, Mr.Arvind Ji, having entered IIT by backdoor, thinks others also in the same way. Such a shame to Delhi CM. It is shame for Delhiites too.

  19. Morons... Staff quota is just for Science branches and not Technology ones. Kejriwal was a Mechanical Engineer and only way to secure a seat in that department is JEE.

  20. definitely written by someone who failed JEE.

  21. A Rich man can be a Prime Minister, was proven by
    *Jawaharlal Nehru*

    A Poor man can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *Lal Bahadur Shastri*

    An Old man can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *Morarji Desai*

    A Lady can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *Indira Gandhi*

    An Illiterate man can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *Chaudhary Charan Singh*

    A Pilot can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *Rajiv Gandhi*

    A man from Royal Family can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *V P Singh*

    A Scholar can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *P V Narasimha Rao*

    A Poet can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *Atal Behari Vajpayee*

    Anybody can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *H D Deva Gowda*

    A Tea seller can be Prime Minister, was proven by
    *Narendra Modi*

    A Prime Minister is not at all required, was proven by
    *Manmohan Singh*

    The Country can be ruled without being a Prime Minister,
    Was proven by
    *Sonia Gandhi...!!!*

  22. The author is making up stories and trying to fool people. He does not know anything about IIT.

  23. The issue regarding degree has not been addressed by you....1) I democracy even illiterate person may fight election & occupy a constitutional post, then why aims were made that Modi is a Post graduate......?? Why so much secrecy when revelation of degree is not related to security of PM ?? What prevented the universities from revealing this info earlier ?? While IIT did not have NY problem---??
    2)Many institutions e.g. AIIMS have secret quotas for faculty & staff....wherein their wards have to appear for teams though, but they get sets even if they get low merit (30%) as against a cut off of about 90% in MBBS entrance & in MD/ MS courses.....these quotas are not disclosed in brochures, adverts, ....remember Ambumani Ramdoss a doctor himself & health minister for a brief period in UPA 1 , was targeted because he tried bringing transparency........this SECRET RESERVATION is called MANUVAAD....fooling the whole nation with debates on meritocracy in higher education.......

    To me the controversy over degree of PM was allowed to rage to divert attention from other pressing issues......and still the issue has not been for kejriwal he is in the same boat as PM..

  24. The system is such that all IITJEE data is destroyed after three years and hence we could not ascertain his rank and that must have given rise to this story, which is completely false.

    IIT kharagpur has rubbished this news. Update yourself. Google some news. Don't be a blind bhakt




  27. aap and kejriwal pe kuch bhi bolna and apna sir fod lena ek he baat hai....sheer waste of time...apna kaam karo saab ye kutte bhokna nahi choddenge....inme itni bhi sharm nahi hai...kya pata kal ko ye kisi ki measurement bhi puch le rti laga k

  28. Check this Its not farji blog.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. IT Kharagpur has rubbished the rumour that is doing the rounds that Arvind Kejriwal might have entered the portals of the institute by using a "back door". The What's App message that has gone viral over the past couple of days says that Kejriwal did not crack IITJEE in 1985 to get his berth in mechanical engineering at IIT Kgp. Instead, he got his admission through a "quota" that was reserved for the Jindal Group. The Jindal group acted as his "corporate guardian" and sought admission for him on the basis of the claim that it had built several blocks for IIT Kgp and had been given the right to send two students every year for admission.
    "We received the RTI question and have replied to it already. The claim that Kejriwal entered not through the required competitive entrance exam is complete bunkum. He cracked IITJEE like all other candidates of his year and there was nothing like a corporate quota reservation for admission," said Rajender Singh, dean of undergraduate studies and admissions at IIT Kgp.
    The problem might have arisen from the fact that IIT Kgp could not give Kejriwal's rank in the exam. "The system is such that all IITJEE data is destroyed after three years and hence we could not ascertain his rank and that must have given rise to this story, which is completely false," Singh reiterated.
    A reservation quota existed in IIT Kgp only for wards of IIT Kgp employees but that was not applicable to engineering. There were 15 seats reserved for wards of IIT Kgp employees for five year integrated programmes in M Sc only, Singh clarified. "Neither were Kejriwal's parents IIT Kgp employees, nor did he study science, so the word quota does'nt apply to him at all!" Singh added.
    He insisted that Kejriwal was quite a bright student who must have ranked within the top 500 in IITJEE to get admission to mechanical engineering in 1985, which traditionally requires very high rank to get admission in IIT Kgp. Kejriwal graduated in 1989 and was a resident of the Nehru Hall.

  31. Wat a sheer waste of time this post is..illogical by deeps and bounds...
    I wonder how many more desperate attempts wud come to demean the CM...Indian mob is unbelievably gullible nd stupid to trust the paid media and untrusted sources such as urs...i see so much of hyperbole being used to define his character...

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    Read More @

  33. मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल ने उपराज्यपाल नजीब जंग पर कसा नया तंज
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