Shubhrastha Shikha: Profile, Family and Boyfriend

Shubhrastha Shikha has emerged as a master election strategist along with Prashant Kishore and Rajat Sethi. She was with Prashant Kishore and took part in strategizing Narendra Modi PM Campaign and hyperbole Nitish Kumar successful attempt to regain throne in Bihar. She left Prashant Kishore led IPAC when he aligned with Congress. She did work for Nitish Kumar where Congress was an ally, but find it really tough to work for solely and primarily Congress. Disenchanted with Prashant, she again joined BJP and was a part of small team led by Rajat Sethi for Assam Election.

Profile of Shubhrastha Shikha

Shubhrastha Shikha is a gifted young girl endowed with amazing capabilities. In such a tender age she has shown scintillating prowess. No doubt, she is widely known as a master election strategist, but it should be remembered that her is truly a versatile personality.

Shubhrastha Shikha was born in 1988 in Patna and did initial school from there. She studied from St. Paul’s High School, Patna and later Army School, Danapur Cantt. Later, she shifted to Bokaro and completed schooling from prestigious Delhi Public School, Bokaro.

Then, she took admission in the Miranda House, Delhi University and completed graduation with English Literature. She had deep interest in politics, particularly development politics. Her ambition was to become a journalist during college days. She got an opportunity with The Hindu newspaper to work as an intern for around eight months. Before that, she had previously worked with All India Radio as a news reader – for two months.

Shubhrastha Shikha and team with Sonowal

In July 2013, she along with Prashant Kishore founded Citizens For Accountable Governance – CAG. It should be noted that this institution strategized Narendra Modi Prime Ministerial campaign. Shubhrastha Shikha considers it just a small pawn in the whole election strategy and work. She said that it is wrong on the part of media to give so much credence to election strategists. After Assam Election, she humbly put that the result was because of RSS pracharaks and general BJP karyakartas. She or Rajat Sethi or other team members just coordinated the effort. This is different from the thinking of Prashant Kishore who wanted to take entire credit of Narendra Modi impressive performance in the Lok Sabha Election and that was the reason why he was asked to go out of the fold of the BJP.

Shubhrastha Shikha is also working with many media organizations as a freelance journalist, like The Guardian of London and DailyO of India Today group. Her thinking about different facets of election strategy is magnificent and a treat for readers.

Shubhrastha Shikha with Ram Madhav

Boyfriend of Shubhrastha Shikha

There is no information in the public domain about the relationship status of Ms. Shikha. In fact, we don’t know whether she is married or dating someone or even single.

Future Plans

Post Assam Election, Shubhrastha Shikha has already updated her Social Media profile status calling association with BJP as ‘Past’. Obviously, her contract was only for Assam. As far as election strategy is concerned, there is no plan in the near future.
However, it is very likely that BJP will use her service in future also along with Rajat Sethi. The reason is ideological inclination of these two maverick persons. They have openly said that they find it easy to work with Right Wing parties and people because of ideology.


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