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Bijay Ketan Upadhyaya, IAS: Profile, Wiki, Age and Family

Bijay Ketan Upadhyaya is a 2009 batch IAS officer of Odisha cadre. Hitherto, he was widely regarded as an honest and hard – working officer. A bribe incident has brought a scar on his rather clean career. He is no longer being seen as a role model for youths of Odisha.

Bijay has been arrested by the Vigilance department in Bhubaneshwar while a bribe of Rs. 1 lakh was being received. However, still, many believe that he is an innocent was trapped by a contractor. The case will definitely go to the CAT who will properly investigate this incident. His future hangs on the verdict of CAT whenever that might come. Till now, vigilance has to prove many things in the court.

Profile and Wiki of Bijay Ketan Upadhyaya

Bijay was born and brought up in Balasore, Odisha in a humble middle class family. His father is a reputed person known for integrity and work ethics. He ensured the best possible education for him. After completing graduation, Bijay went to Delhi and took admission in Vajiram and Ravi. He had cracked UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2008 with All India Rank of 8. His success was quite impressive as he had fought against all odds to secure what he always wanted.

Family of Bijay Ketan Upadhyaya

Bijay is married and living in Bhubaneshwar with his wife and one son. His wife name is Tushima Mishra. Fortunately for him, Tushima has shown unflinching support to her husband. She had also challenged the statement of Vigilance that Rs. 70 lakhs was found in the account of Bijay. There is obviously no doubt that when both husband and wife are working on high paying jobs, Rs. 70 lakhs in the account should not be a matter of putting red flag. The Income Tax department has also not found anything wrong in keeping this much amount.


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