Boyfriend of Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal is one of the most reputed international sportsperson of India. In fact, you can say that she has brought glory to the country even more than Sachin Tendulkar and Vishwanathan Anand as Badminton has more international reach than Cricket and Chess. She is a Jat girl who had threatened to dethrone the undisputed throne of China, Indonesia and Malaysia in the world of Badminton. She has already made over one billion Indians proud by winning bronze medal in the London Olympic. If she will maintain the same level of energy, she can get Gold medal at Rio de Jenario Olympic to be held in 2016.

Boyfriend of Saina Nehwal

Saina is not only a great sportswoman, but also endowed with a gorgeous face with optimum height and cute smile. She looks even prettier in the traditional Indian clothes. To add to that, she always maintain high level of decorum while attending any public event. You will not find her attending any event in the modern western dresses. She loves to retain her Jat roots.

Saina Nehwal was born in a Jat family in Hisar. Her father was working in an Agricultural University as a scientist. She did her initial schooling from there. Her family shifted base to Hyderabad. There, she started to take immense interest in Karate and Badminton. In fact, she had won Black Belt for Karate. In a Karate sports competition she came closer to another Karate player. His name was Pankaj Thakral who was also a good Karate player and was also originally from Haryana. They started to date. At that time, Saina Nehwal joined a Coaching Academy for Badminton in Hyderabad. She was no more practicing for Karate. No one knows what happened to her relationship with Pankaj. One thing is very much certain, the relationship got broken once she stopped practicing for Karate.

Soon, Saina was started to get recognition for her impeccable skills in Badminton. She put a full stop on thinking about her personal life. She remained single and focused her entire energy to Badminton. She might have learned that being in a relationship is not good for making a career as an International player.

Saina With P. Kashyap
However, she couldn’t remain single for long. She came in contact with a charming personality who is also a very good Badminton player. His name is Parupalli Kashyap. He was the first Indian male player to reach in the Quarterfinal in the London Olympics. There are quite some clinching evidences of growing intimate relationship between Saina and Kashyap. Both of them have practiced in a same academy in Hyderabad for around eight years under the great Indian Badminton player Gopichand. Both of them are roaming around. However, they avoid going out together in India.

In a recent interview for the Times of India, Kashyap has said that he is not dating Saina Nehwal. And, the relationship is just a product of rumor. However, he accepted the fact that he is having a close relationship with Saina Nehwal. We are Just Close friends, Kashyap adds.

Only the time will tell, how this relationship will unfold.

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