Salary of IPS Officers

IPS is an All India Service (AIS) as visualized by the Constitution of India. Constitution has also recognized two more AIS namely IAS and IFoS (Indian Forest Service). The importance of All India Services can be understood with the fact that the Constitution hopes these services to be one of the many factors for maintaining the federal structure of the country. There is no denying that IPS officers are no less important than IAS in these tough times. However, there is also not an iota of doubt behind the fact that they are getting far much less importance in the scheme of governance. 

We will discuss entire salary of IPS officers in India at various levels which is in force after the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission. As you might know, the Seventh Pay Commission is already in place, and after the implementation of the its report, the salary of IPS officers will also revised.

Pay Scale and Salary of IPS Officers:

Junior Time Scale (Working Under Pay Band III)
Rs. 15, 600 – Rs. 39, 100
Grade Pay at this Scale is Rs. 5, 400

When an IPS Officer join the service (goes for training at LBSNAA, Mussourie and NPA, Hyderabad), he/she gets this pay scale. This pay scale continues while he starts to work in the field. You will find an IPS officer working as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and ACP under this pay scale. 

Senior Time Scale (Working Under Pay Band III)
Rs. 15, 600 – Rs. 39, 100
Grade Pay Rs. 6, 600

When an IPS Officer gets his first promotion, he comes under Senior Time Scale. However, there is no as such guarantee that he is also promoted as far as post is concerned. More than anything, it also depends on the administrative structure and set up of the state where IPS officer is posted. You can also find officers working as ACP and DSP while being in the Senior Time Scale.

Junior Administrative Grade (Working Under Pay Band III)
Rs. 15, 600 – Rs. 39, 100
Grade Pay Rs. 7, 600

Usually, it takes around 2-4 years for an officer to reach this level. This is the major promotion that officer gets. You will find IPS officers working as SP as well as Deputy Commissioner of Police working under this scale. If you want to know the salary of an SP, you are required to calculate through Junior Administrative Grade. However, be aware that there might be slight changes in the in-hand salary of SP for different states.

Selection Grade (Working Under Pay Band IV)
Rs. 15, 600 – Rs. 39, 100
Grade Pay Rs. 8, 700

As you might have noticed, this is the first level where the Pay Band changes. Because of this, officers also get quite higher in-hand salary at this level. Though, the basic scale remained the same, with slight up Grade Pay. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) works under this Grade.

Super Time Scale (Working Under Pay Band IV)
Rs. 37, 400 – Rs. 67, 000
Grade Pay Rs. 8, 900

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) and Commissioner of Police (CP) works under this scale. The pay band remained the same as the Selection Grade, however at this Scale the officer gets high increase in the Pay Scale, as you can see above. 

Super Time Scale – Senior Administrative Grade (Working Under Pay Band IV)
Rs. 37, 400 – Rs. 67, 000
Grade Pay Rs. 10, 000

With this promotion, officer gets slight increased Grade Pay. Scale and Pay band remain the same. Inspector General of Police (IG) usually works under this scale.

Above Super Time Scale
Rs. 67, 000 – Rs. 79, 000

Majority of IPS officers generally gets retirement with this scale. CBI Chief also works under this scale. 

Apex Scale
Rs. 80, 000 Fixed

The Sixth Pay Commission had visualized this scale. This is the highest level scale. If you are wondering about the salary of a Director General of Police (DGP), you need to see this scale. I must write here that many DGPs also work under Above Super Time Scale. 

The association of the IPS officers is demanding for better salary structure for IPS officers. For this purpose, they have made a presentation before the Seventh Pay Commission. Hopefully, the report of Commission will understand their importance and changed nature of the work in the contemporary India. Anyone can admit that an SP working in a Maoist hit area has more responsibility than DM.

Having said that, salary is not a criterion why young Indians join IPS. 


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