Akhilesh Singh, Warisaliganj (Nawada): Profile

Akhilesh Singh is one of the most prolific politicians of India. He belongs to Warisaliganj in Nawada district. Currently, he is a member of Lok Jana Shakti Party (LJP). His wife Aruna Devi is three time MLA from Warisaliganj. She has won with BJP ticket in 2015 Assembly election by a huge margin in a rather wave election for Lalu-Nitish combine. This win shows the power of Akhilesh Singh. Remember, during the last two elections when Aruna Devi had lost, he was in Jail. Akhilesh has one more wife named Simpi, who is also from Konchgaon (from where his first wife Aruna Devi belongs).

Akhilesh Singh - Orange Shirt - with Giriraj and Anil Singh

The rise of Akhilesh Singh is a widely discussed topic among Bhumihar community in the Magadh region. It is said that he was miffed by the abject surrender of the community in the hand of some local mafias belonging to RJD. He was a bright student and after completing graduation he was trying to get a government job. His father Janardan Singh was working with Bihar State Road Transport Corporation. When Akhilesh Singh was unable to get a job, he decided to do some businesses. He started to sell Magahi Paan. He used to buy this betel leaves in Nawada, and used to sell it in Bokaro. However, he was unable to do business because of the local mafia who was hell bent to torture anyone just because of the caste. They used to consider Bhumihar as inferior.

Akhilesh Singh resented this torture. He organized people of his community to protest against the biased attitude of the district administration. The result was wide spread anger among Bhumihar as they realized that a young voice is ready to take their grievances to the next level.

However, Akhilesh Singh had to pay a price. The district administration went against him. Police used to come to his village – Apsarh – and used to arrest any young person. The problem only becomes grave when the administration started to level charges against him if anyone from other community was shot. He became a criminal. It is alleged that he never was a criminal, but the sad attitude of powerful people made him so, that’s too imaginary.

Ashok Mahto and some other criminals in the area started to rise at the same time. They used the administration and attacked Akhilesh Singh’s village. They ruthlessly killed 11 people, including the younger brother of Akhilesh Singh. It was a sad day for the entire Bhumihar community.

Police arrested Ashok Mahto and Akshat Singh. They planned a jail break and in fact fled from the jail after killing one constable and injuring the other. However, fortunately, a young police officer killed Akshat Singh.

Ashok Mahto is currently in jail. Akhilesh Singh was also arrested and the court gave him bail and asked police officers to not disturb simple and law abiding person like Mr. Singh.


  1. etna jhooth kahe likhte ho salon....

  2. AKHILESH SINGH is war criminal..... BHUMIHAR is an upper caste... so he represent.... People of bihar rejected war lords and criminals like him.

  3. Bhumihar name s. Enough to fear

  4. ek apradhi ko hero ki tarah pesh kar raha hai


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