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Navika Kumar, Times Now: Profile and Wiki

Navika Kumar is widely regarded as the best investigative reporter in the contemporary India. She is currently working with Times Now, an English news channel.

Before this, she was working with the Indian Express. In fact, she was enjoying her job in the print media. When the Bennet Coleman and Company Ltd. decided to launch a news channel in association with Reuters, they were looking for a face with wide contacts in the Indian political and business circles. They couldn’t find a better option than Navika. She was approached and persuaded with the promise of heavy monthly salary and perks.

Navika Kumar, Times Now

Navika is known for exposing lots of scams – both political and economic. Recently, she was in news because of a Tweet of Sushma Swaraj where Ms. Swaraj ridiculed Navika for teaching propriety.

Swaraj Vs. Navika

Actually, Swaraj was subtley referring to Navika not-so-clean image. She was featured in the Radia tape scandals where she was brokering some deals. In the conversation, it looked like she is quite close to Arun Jaitely. May be, Sushma Swaraj was referring to this ‘closeness’.

Times Now is running a high pitch campaign against Sushma Swaraj for her help to the tainted ‘Lalit Modi’. Navika Kumar is on the front with lots of news. Sushma Swaraj might have got irked with her reports.

From Radia Tapes, featuring Navika Kumar

Education of Navika Kumar

Navika Kumar is a post graduate in Economics. It is because of her education that she shows same level of dexterity in handling both political and economic news.

Husband of Navika Kumar

Navika Kumar is married and has two children. She is staying with her family in New Delhi.


  1. Navika, I have a lot of respect for your balanced handling of news or investigating reporting. What I cannot understand is that the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi claim that they were prevented from talking in Parliament. I think media should strongly point out that if at all it was Congress party who repeatedly and shamelessly disrupted Parliament. Let them not carry this charge with impunity. So far they have. Will you directly point this out the next time some one makes this baseless charge?


  2. चुनाव चिन्ह साइकिल पर फैसला सुरक्षित, घोषणा सोमवार को
    Read more

  3. Navika, I watch your 9 pm show with interest and respect. I have two suggestions: What is Secular? Be bold, as you demonstrably are, and call spade a spade. Call Muslims instead of Communal parties and call the bluff of other parties who call them secular and practice the worst. 2. Too much cross talk and interruptions take place. Our so called leaders and participants are uncouth, to say the least. Keep a switch to turn on only the person who is asked . Thus they know they can be seen and not heard. Let them raise their hand and you call whoever you want next. Let there be civility so we the viewers can hear fully and properly. I DO NOT THINK SHOUTING IS ADDING TO THE DEBATE, SOUND BITE IS NOT NECESSARY.
    You have shown knowledge, comprehension, ability to separate wheat from chaff. Can you improve quality of your debate? Dilip Shah

    1. Accoustic trauma is what I suffer from whenever I switch on the Times Now news channels and now the Republic ! While the topics they choose to debate on is interesting it is the noise levels that are unbearable. Moreover it's not great anchoring when you don't let your panelists speak, specially when they are not subscining to your view. It happens more often with the Pakistni guests, if you are not going yo listen to them , why call them ????? It all started with our narcissist friend Mr.Arnob Goswami , who just loves to listen to the music of his own voice. And that legacy continues with Navika, Anand Narashiman , Shivshankar, Tanvi and that entire lot !!!!
      Just stopped enjoying watching news these days !...if only they could do this a little more quietly....

  4. Novika should join BJP as she's acting like BJP's spoke person in dibate rather than anchor.
    Same on her

  5. No one against the anchors view is allowed to speak. Only a few who are regulars on the show, like bakshi, r s n, sampit etc are allowed to speak. If a quest who is of the same view as the anchor is rude to another guest, that is okay, navika will not interfere, and if the guests asks if this is the way she runs a debate, she says not to teach her how to run a debate!. Very low IQ news channel. Actually there are no news channels in india, just a bunch of jokers. Of course there is a choice not to watch it, but someone has to speak up against these jokers. Everything is a breaking news! After arnabs departure, every anchor seems to be trying to fill the make up for their loss

  6. Dear Rahul, Anand ,Navika, and Tanvi,
    I am a well wisher of Times now..all programmes are excellent, especially the debate. I have a small submission to u that, during the debate we can't hear anything because of the hallagulla of your participants.Please give them some time to express their ideas and don't interrupt them by you and also do not allow anybody to interept them. Very sad to say that nobody can listen your debate..... Please do the needful.
    With warm regards,
    Col Sathianadhan.

  7. Navika, please do not call , as panelists , people like Alimuddin Khan, Ganshyam Tiwari etc who go off the tangent and talk irrelevant things during a serious debate/ discussion.They seem to target PM Modi and BJP all the time.

  8. Navika kumar's anchoring is not in the interest of impartial is well known that all the tv channels have affiliation to one the other political have to lookafter their interests but not at the cost ofquality of your journilism.navika should allow the speaker to finish his/her point and to interrupt in between of which she is in habit of

  9. Navika kumar's anchoring is not in the interest of impartial is well known that all the tv channels have affiliation to one the other political have to lookafter their interests but not at the cost ofquality of your journilism.navika should allow the speaker to finish his/her point and to interrupt in between of which she is in habit of

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Navika, you are doing very well in your present role. I think some innovative ideas need to be implemented by you in keeping ahead of the other channels.
    Also, the panelists should be adequately treated and should maintain discipline..... which may be difficult!
    Perhaps you need to revamp the schedule thoroughly before the next election in 2019. Of course, you need to keep it under the wraps.
    Best wishes.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Some faces as guests on TOI like John Dayal, etc should not be allowed space as he is an agent of CIA via his links with USCIRF and US political setup. He was instrumental in promoting Teesta Setalvad, a rogue congress agent who sold her self out for maligning India. Modi's denial of US visa (the only world leader) was due to him being a Hindu and John Dayal is planted and promoted by Church for acting as soft spy for those alien powers which wants to loot, and defame India. These powers are no different then those who colonized India for centuries. Dayal Inc including the fellow viz Father (so called) Cedric Prakash (who is now sent away by Church (possibly due to rise of Modi as PM) to Syria, in a strife torn country, where Indian media or politicians wont be able to trace him. Such TV agents (sorry if word used is inappropriate, but no disrespect) should be better denounced or kept at bay, in the best interests of security of country. I was AGHAST that Ariel Sharon as Defence Minister had committed worst genocide on Muslims in Lebanon but was rather felicitated, than barring him from entering US. Shame to our class of secular (so called) setup designed only to oppress Hindu majority. This should be out cried at all platforms, lest very existence of Hindus is threatened. This is the design by international forces under Abrahamic garbs.

  14. Why on earth do you YELL when you're on TV? Can't you speak in a normal tone or does it have to be loud an obnoxious every time?

  15. Navika screams like she has 8 burning chillies up her anus and vagina. Probably dearest Mr J contributed.

  16. Tough interview with Amit Shah !

    Hopefully she will be equally tough with all !


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