Rehan Vadra; Profile, Girlfriend and Education

Rehan Vadra is the son of Robert and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. He is the fifth generation of Nehru Gandhi family in the Independent India. It is widely expected that sooner or later he is going to make an entry into the Indian politics. Rahul Gandhi is yet to get married, and hence he is the hope of Nehru Gandhi ‘dynasty’.

In fact, Rehan shows his plan recently with a trip to Rahul Gandhi constituency, Amethi. He visited a Dalit family of Goregaon, Amethi. He went there along with two other friends in a luxury car. Then all of them wore casual dress, like lower and casual T-shirts. And, then they stayed overnight there.

Rahul Gandhi had also done this type of political stunt few years back when he started the political journey by staying overnight at a Dalit home. This is a clear indication of Rehan’s plans.

Rehan Vadra with Dalit Family of Amethi
Three years back, Rehan had made a visit to the Parliament in the visitor’s gallery and saw a debate of Smriti Irani with the then Coal Minister Prakash Jaiswal.

Rehan Vadra Eearly Life

Rehan is currently studying in Doon School, Dehradun. Because of the security reasons, his earlier education was kept secret. In fact, there is quite a high security even at Doon School around Rehan. It is because of the fact that his parents have SPG security category.

Rehan was born on 29th August, 2000. Obviously, he is fifteen years old now and is able to understand politics closely.

Girlfriend of Rehan Vadra

There is very little information available publicly about the personal life of Rehan. It is because of security concerns. Media are also advised to show caution in reporting personal stories about Rehan Vadra.

However, according to one reports, Rehan is seeing a girl named Priyanka Khare. She is also a student of Doon School. In fact, Priyanka is one year senior to Rehan. She is from Delhi. 


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