Shreya Bahuguna, ABP: Profile and Boyfriend

Shreya Bahuguna is a perfect example of beauty with brain. She is endowed with amazing beauty and physical features. But, this girl is out there to get more in her professional life. Currently, she is working with ABP news as reporter and anchor.
Shreya is so beautiful that ABP News will be more than happy to offer her to host show in prime time. She was in fact offered to host the show at 8 PM. However, she declined the offer. She wanted to work in the field. For a reporter, the true excitement is in the field – to make path breaking ground reports. Her coverage of Bihar election was simply fabulous. It is not easy for a girl to visit hinterland in Bihar and ask probing questions to leaders and general public.

Shreya Bahuguna, ABP News

Profile of Shreya Bahuguna

Shreya Bahuguna is basically from Nagpur. However, her family belongs to Uttarakhand. Her father got a job in Nagpur and hence family shifted it base there.
Shreya did her schooling education from Nagpur. After that, she went to Mumbai for further education and did B. Com and M. Com from the Mumbai University.
However, she always wanted to become a reporter. She started her career with Crime Branch, a show based on crime. She sent her resume to various channels and ABP called her for Mumbai. She got internship with the channel and her performance ensures that she was shifted to NCR.

The rest is history. Her rise in the world of Indian electronic journalism has surprised many. She loves handling politics and social issues.

Age of Shreya Bahuguna

Shreya is only 26 years old (as of 2015). The actual date of birth is not known publicly.

Boyfriends of Shreya Bahuguan

Unfortunately, the relationship status of Shreya Bahuguna isn’t known publicly. She has also not mentioned it anywhere. We don’t know with whom she is dating with. As soon as there will be any information, I will update it here.


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