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Nidhi Razdan: Profile, Husband and Boyfriends

Nidhi Razdan is one of the most prolific television journalists of India. She is currently working with NDTV 24X7 and hosts many shows, including highly popular Left, Right and Centre. Nidhi generally remains calm even during hot discussions on her shows. Unfortunately, sometimes she takes biased stand against BJP. Recently, she fanned controversy by interviewing a Birtish MP and directly questioning him for his invite to Narendra Modi (then, Modi was not the Prime Minister). The British MP ripped apart Nidhi.

Profile of Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi is basically from New Delhi. She has done her entire education from here. First she did her schooling from Apeejay School and then took admission in Lady Shriram College of Women, Delhi University. She has also done PG Diploma from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

Nidhi Razdan

Age of Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi was born in 1978 and hence in 2015 she is 37 years old. She had joined NDTV in 1999 as a 21 year old beautiful but promising journalist.

Husband of Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi was married to famous journalist Nilesh Misra. In fact, she met Misra during her days at IIMC. Misra was attracted towards her. She was the most beautiful girl of the institute who was endowed with amazing physical features. Both of them joined the media industry and continued to date. In 2005, they got married. However, their marriage couldn’t last long. It is alleged that Nidhi’s proximity with Omar Abdullah was the reason behind this divorce. They got separated in 2007. Nilesh has already married another girl and shifted to Mumbai. Nidhi is still waiting for someone to enter her life.

Boyfriend of Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi’s first boyfriend was Yash Shrivastava from Appejay College. They remain together for around four years. Yash went to the USA and Nidhi got attracted towards Neelesh Misra.

As mentioned above, Nidhi’s second boyfriend was Neelesh Misra with whom she had married and later divorced.

Nidhi’s current relationship is not known. Her relationship with Omar Abdullah has attracted lots of media attractions. However, both Nidhi and Omar have not said anything about their relationship. It is officially not known whether they are seeing each other or not.

As a matter of fact, Nidhi’s family roots are also from Kashmir. She had gone to Kashmir as a news reporter lots of time. She came into contact with Omar Abdullah during her stay in Kashmir. In fact, you will be surprised to know that Nidhi has done reporting from Kashmir more than any other NDTV reporters.


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