Amar Singh: Profile, Wife and Daughters

Amar Singh used to be under constant media scrutiny few years back. He was enjoying all attentions and started to think that HE IS really the King Maker. However, the happenings have made it clear that there can’t be any existence of Amar Singh whom we know without Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Amar Singh has always been known for being in news for his political statements rather than his political achievements. During his heydays, he loved to court controversies. He is known for having powerful connections with top businessmen and politicians of all ideologies. After long hiatus, he is again making an entry into the Upper House of the Parliament – Rajya Sabha on Samajwadi Party ticket. Obviously, his relationship with Mulayam and Bachchan family seems to have returned back on track.

Amar Singh wife Pankaja with daughters Disha and Drishti

Profile of Amar Singh

Amar Singh was born on 27th January, 1956 in Aligarh. His parents – Harish Chandra Singh and Shail Kumari Singh were well-known for their social work, particularly in Rajput community. Amar Singh got Law degree from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.
Just after completing education, Amar Singh became a businessman. However, it is still a secret that how he made so much money and how he made such powerful connections. According to one report of Tehalka, Amar Singh had also created lots of shell companies with the help of which he used to conceal black money.

Family of Amar Singh

Amar Singh is married to Pankaja Kumari Singh, a Rajput. Unlike Amar Singh, Pankaja always remain behind the curtain. You will hardly find any photographs of Pankaja with Amar Singh. It is quite amazing that a person like Amar Singh who loves making powerful connections doesn’t feel comfortable in taking his wife at social gatherings. It is because of this fact that many people consider Jaya Prada as wife of Amar Singh.

Amar and Pankaja had two daughters – twin. The name of his daughters are Disha Singh and Drishti Singh. Actually, the couple had almost lost hope of getting children and suddenly they got the news of pregnancy. There is no denying that Amar Singh loves his two daughters more than anything.

Disha and Drishit both are currently studying. 


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