How Mukesh Ambani Met Nita: A Love Story

Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). He is also the richest Indian on the planet Earth. He widely acclaimed for giving a new direction to Reliance Industries. He is passionate, and can go to any extent for the betterment of RIL and its millions of shareholders. It is said that the strongest support that Mukesh has is none other than his wife Ms. Nita Ambani.

Nita Ambani is running Indian Premier League (IPL) Mumbai Team. She is widely known for her association with IPL. However, there are also some little known facts about Nita Ambani. For example, she has always taken deep interest in social cause. She is running Dhiru Bhai International School, Mumbai. She is a classical dancer. And, last but not the least, she persuaded Mukesh to open a state-of-the-art hospital in Mumbai, namely Kokila Ben Hospital.

Love Story of Mukesh and Nita Ambani

You might have heard about the love story of Anil and Tina Ambani. How Dhiru Bhai was opposed to his marriage, and how Anil persuaded him. Anil and Tina keeps on stealing the lime light. However, it is the love story of Mukesh and Nita Ambani which amazes and inspires people.

Nita Ambani belonged to a Gujarati family where music and classical dances have always been preferred and given prominent place. Her mother was a well-known Gujarati Folk Dancer. Her mother started to teach dance to Nita when she was just eight year old. She also started to show immense interest in dancing. She became quite famous for her skills in Bharatnatyam.

Nita Ambani also used to perform Bharatnatyam at various stages throughout Gujarat. In one of her many performances, Dhiru Bhai saw Nita dancing. He was impressed with scintillating performances of Nita. She was not only dancing perfectly, but Dhiru Bhai also noticed an amazing beauty coupled with Indian tradition in her. It was in the premises of Birla Matoshree. Dhiru Bhai asked the organizer about her, and took all available details including telephone number.

The next day, Dhiru Bhai called Nita’s home. It was Nita herself who received the call. When she heard that the person on the other side is saying that he is Dhiru Bhai Ambani and wants to talk with Nita, she instantly replied that she is none other than Elizabeth Taylor (Nita told this in an interview with NDTV). She cut the phone, thinking that this is nothing but a prank by someone. How can Dhiru Bhai, India’s famous businessman, can call her and wants to talk with her.

Dhiru Bhai rang again. This time Nita’s father picked up the phone. He recognized the voice of Dhiru Bhai. Nita’s father told her to go to see Dhiru Bhai. With little persuasion, she gave consent to see Dhiru Bhai.

At his office, Dhiru Bhai asked Nita about many things, including education, hobbies and cooking skills, among others. Then, he invited her to come to his home. He frankly told Nita that he is seeing her as Mukesh’ wife, and hence she should come home and see Mukesh.

After discussing it with family, Nita went to Dhiru Bhai home. It was Mukesh who opened the door. He recognized her, as Dhiru Bhai was continuously talking about Nita. They talked little and decided to meet somewhere.

Mukesh Proposed Nita Ambani

Mukesh and Nita Ambani started to date ever since this meeting. However, Nita was still quite confused about this relationship. She wanted to first complete her education. She was aware of Dhiru Bhai’s decision, but she wanted to give some time to it. One day, when Mukesh and Nita were going through Poddar Road, Mukesh stopped his car seeing the Red Traffic Signal. However, he didn’t start the car even if the signal became Green. Nita asked her to start the car, as it may lead to traffic jam. Mukesh told her plainly – Will You Marry Me? He further told her that reply and only when he will start the car. Nita was left with no choice. She said YES.

This is based on an interview Nita Ambani had given to NDTV.


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  2. love story ambani guruji

  3. love story ambani guruji

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    1. Yes...true, if the richest man asks you to marry,even the dumbest person will say yes

  8. It proves mukesh ambani is indifferent to people's trouble and after working in reliance telecom i found it is the most disgusting company i have ever seen it steals money frm poor people in a unique way thts how thy r richest indian in logo ko narak mai bhi jaga nai milega

  9. It proves mukesh ambani is indifferent to people's trouble and after working in reliance telecom i found it is the most disgusting company i have ever seen it steals money frm poor people in a unique way thts how thy r richest indian in logo ko narak mai bhi jaga nai milega

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    If someone in hights of the success, Definitely they have quality.

  11. Loot & Scoot company. No care for customers and only self interest.
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