Husband of Misa Bharti, Lalu's Daughter

Misa Bharti is the eldest daughter of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rabri Yadav. There is an interesting story behind the name of Misa. When she was born, Lalu Yadav was in the jail under the draconian MISA – Maintenance of Internal Security Act. The family thought it better to name her MISA. They, in fact, followed Shri Krishna Singh, the first CM of Bihar, in naming her. When the eldest son of Shri Krishna Singh was born, he was named BANDI Shankar, because at that time Krishna Singh was a Bandi (in Jail).

Husband of Misa Bharti

Misa Bharti was married to a computer engineer Shailesh Kumar Yadav. The marriage happened in 1999, when Rabri Devi was the Chief Minister of Bihar. Naturally, this marriage attracted large amount of media coverage. It is said that some prominent Yadav family of Bihar returned Lalu when he approached them to marry Misa to their sons.

The couple has two cute and brilliant daughters, namely Durga and Gauri. They have no son.

Misa Bharti is a doctor by profession. Though, she has never done any practice. Neither, she went for higher education after completing MBBS from the prestigious MGM Medical College, Jamshedpur on a quota of TISCO. It should be noted here that she is the topper of her batch. BJP had then accused Lalu of using his power to made Misa top the MBBS course.

Misa Bharti with Husband Shailesh and daughters

Misa’s husband Shailesh is also no more on job. At the time marriage he was working with Infosys. The couple is enjoying life in Patna in the official residence of Rabri Devi. Misa has now become a Rajya Sabha MP and the family will now be shifted to Delhi.

Shailesh was born in Bihta, near Patna. He did engineering from Baroda, and later did management course from Lucknow. After the completion of MBA, he joined ICICI Bank as Assistant Manager. However, he soon switched to Infosys. His father is a bank manager in a public sector bank (now, retired).

It is said that for the marriage of Misa and Shailesh, Sadhu Yadav has asked all car showrooms of Patna to send their unused vehicles. And, all show rooms had in fact given their vehicles. They had no choice, as at that time, Sadhu Yadav was a sort of the king of Patna.

Harvard Controversy

Misa Bharti has just started her political career. There are lots of possibilities for her in the politics of Bihar as her father is not eligible to fight elections. However, she did a blunder by faking her picture on Twitter.

Recently, she tweeted about giving a lecture at the India Conference at Harvard University. She had even tweeted a picture.

MISA Bharti at Harvard University, FAKE PICTURE (Claimed by Harvard)

The University trashes her claim and issued a statement that Misa Bharti was invited just as an audience. She had to even buy a ticket which can be confirmed.

Some of Hindi newspapers have even published this picture in their Bihar edition. This picture was also widely shared on Facebook by RJD supporters showing how ‘intelligent’ Misa is.

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