Suraj Deo Singh: Complete Profile

Even after death, Suraj Deo Singh is still considered as the ‘King of Dhanbad’. His family, who are still living in Dhanbad, is recognized by the locals as the ‘first family of the coal city’. Few years back, Suraj Deo Singh was killed by a serious conspiracy hatched by one of his many enemies. However, his home, which is termed as Singh Mansion is still the main power center of the city. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Dhanbad come from the Singh Mansion, from the family of Suraj Deo Singh. There are also some MLAs belonging to this family. Now you can understand how influential this family is. Suraj Do Singh’s wife is currently the MLA of Jharia, a dusty town near Dhanbad and his brother Bachcha Singh is also an MLA from Bokaro region. Sirajdeo Singh son Niraj Singh is still maintaining the clout once hold by his father in the region.

What is the prime reason behind the influence of this family? The instant answer you may get is – Crime. But, there is no denying that Suraj Deo Singh family is also quite respected in the entire locality. People can do anything for this family. Can crime bring so much respect, and also for such a long time? NO. The reality is quite different. Singh Family is widely respected because of the work of Suraj Deo Singh. Ask any old person from Dhanban, and you may get the true picture. Mr. Singh used to protect locals from gundas. He protected them from petty criminals of Wasseypur. Anurag Kashyap has projected Suraj Deo Singh in his famous film Gangs of Wasseypur (GoW I & II). However, this film is also far from truth. Though Wasseypur was known for hosting innumerable gangs, but none of them had ever terrified Suraj Deo Singh. It was Mr. Singh, who protected Dhanbad from the criminals of Wasseypur.

The Rise of Suraj Deo Singh

Suraj Deo Singh was actually from Uttar Pradesh’ Balia District. He belonged to a humble Rajput family. When he couldn't get a job in Balia, he headed towards Dhanbad to work as a General Mazdoor. Many people around his locality were working in Dhanbad, and hence it was not tough for him to get a job there. Suraj Deo Singh was well built and quite daring. He soon became a confidante of B. P Sinha (a Bhumihar). Mr. Sinha is considered as the first coal mafia of Dhanbad. Those were days of private coal mines. Owners are required to keep some bouncers (Pahalwans) so that general labors can be compelled to work for them. B. P. Sinha had seven bouncers. All of those seven bouncers were quite close to many government officials in the area. Further, they can influence laborers easily. Except Suraj Deo Singh, all of the six bouncers were quite loyal to B. P. Sinha. They can go to any extent to save him. One of those bounders was from Wasseypur (father of Sardan Khan from the film GoW). Suraj Deo Singh was quite ambitious. He hatched a heinous plan to eradicate B. P. Sinha. Subsequently, he allegedly killed B. P. Sinha. All other six bounders became his enemy. Suraj Deo Singh had to fight with all of them. And, with so much adversity, he became the new and the biggest coal mafia of the belt. It is said that Suresh Singh had  a hand in poisoning Suraj Deo Singh. The father of Suresh Singh was one of the loyal bouncers of Mr. Sinha.

Recently, Suresh Singh was also killed. His father had filed an FIR in which he named sons and nephews of Suraj Deo Singh for the murder. The gang war is still going on in Dhanbad.

How Suraj Deo Singh Became the Biggest Coal Mafia

It is said that the strong political links helped Suraj Deo Singh to defeat all of his adversaries. Chandrashekhar, the former prime minister of India, has close relationship with him. He was also from Balia. He helped Suraj Deo Singh to make a political entry.

Why People Respect Suraj Deo Singh

Suraj Deo Singh was a coal mafia. There is no doubt behind this fact. The rise of his fortunes was directly linked with the flowing blood on the road of coal belt. Yet, why people of the region have so much respect for him? His family members are still easily winning elections because of that love and respect.

One of the main reasons was Wassypur. Yes, the same area which is highlighted by Anurag Kashyap famous film. Wasseypur was nothing short of a dreaded area in the coal belt. It was tough for even imagine that the people of Dhanbad will go to that area after sun set. There were so many criminals.

Suraj Deo Singh had fought a tough battle against all goons and criminals of Wasseypur. He helped people of Dhanbad to feel secure. He defeated all goons and protected women of Dhanbad. You might remember a sequence in the film Gangs of Wasseypur in which Ramadhar Singh men had kidnapped a girl fo Wasseypur. And, then Sardar Khan – Manoj Bajpayee – had passed through the area of Suraj Deo Singh declaring that within a time frame that woman should be returned. In reality, a different thing had happened in that area. A Hindu girl was kidnapped by some goons of Wasseypur. It used to be a mundane affair in that area. However, the parents of that girl approached Suraj Deo Singh. It was Mr. Singh who had travelled through Wasseypur on the top of a lorry with a mic and announcing the bloodbath in the region had the girl not returned within 12 hours. They returned the girl and since then no Hindu women were abducted or stalked by goons of Wasseypur. The script writer of Gangs of Wasseypur was a muslim boy from the same region. He twisted this vital fact which made Ramadhar Singh look like a criminal in the film. He was a criminal, but more than that he had helped people.

There are thousands of examples where Suraj Deo Singh had helped people of Dhanbad, including Muslims. 


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  2. He has died because of heart attacked.

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  4. Based on the factual info i have, i can say that above story is very close to truth.


  5. this the fact of dhanbad , which is not shown in gangs of wasseypur movie,

    Mr surya deo singh is real hero for poor and needy people without any expectation.

  6. Its the world of mafia ... none is prabhu sri ram there...all that was done or is being done in Coal belt has business interest and clout expansion

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